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18cuyf.jpg?? I SAW THIS AND THOUGHT YEP THAT IS EXACTLY RIGHT.??? I just wish people would realize we are all the same.?? We all need to put the emotions of the past behind us and learn from their mistakes.?? No one alive today was alive then to have actually felt any of those emotions, or the pain.? I seriously doubt there is even anyone alive today that actually knew anyone who was alive then.?? PEOPLE CAN NOT GROW AND EVOLVE IF THEY ARE STUCK IN THE PAST WITH SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED TO SOMEONE GENERATIONS BACK.?? Remember your family that sacrificed? back then, and honor their memory. Do you really think trying to get things you never earned for things you never endorsed honors your ancestors ??? And again I blame the media for the issues between people today.?? They do not make it about what ever the person did or did not do, as they should.?? They make it about someones race or color , BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT MAKES PEOPLE TUNE IN.?? IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS. They would rather stir people up to fight with one another over something as unimportant as the color of their skin, rather then build people up for the good they do.